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Photograph of reproduction of engraving based on photograph by Anthony Berger, taken February 9, 1864.


Two reproductions of photographs taken by Alexander Gardner of the Battle of Antietam at 'Bloody Lane,' or 'Sunken Lane.' Alexander Gardner took 70 photographs of the battlefield starting just two days after the battle. This was the first time an…

A photograph of Gettysburg taken in 1906 by Jacob Ira Mumper.

Jacob's father, Levi Mumper (1843-1916) opened a photographic gallery in Gettysburg c.1864. His imprints generally read, "L. Mumper" or "Mumper & Co.". He moved to Littlestown, PA in…

A cabinet card depicting two unidentified children taken by William Aunspach in either Pine Grove or Pillow, Pennsylvania.

A large hand tinted photograph of an unidentified infant.

A carte-de-visite, or CDV, of an unidentified man.

A carte-de-visite, or CDV, of an unidentified man taken by John Wallen Holyland (1841-1931) in Baltimore.

John Wallen Holyland began work in Washington, DC in the early 1860s before expanding his business to Baltimore in 1865. His mother, Harriet…

A carte-de-visite, or CDV, or an unidentified woman taken by J. S. Variell in Gardiner, Maine.
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