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Halftone reproduction of an early portrait of Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre, one of the inventors of the daguerreotype, by the famous photographer Félix Nadar.

A replica in the style of the first daguerreotype camera with brass lens by Perken, Son & Rayment.

Handcrafted replica with original Daguerrean lens, half plate size.

A replica of a half-plate daguerreotype box.

Copy print advertising Jesse Whitehurst, Baltimore 1850. Whitehurst was born in Princess Anne County, Virginia, 1823; died in Baltimore, September 8, 1875.

Copy print. Original printed by American Office Print, Waterbury, CT. E. S. Hayden was a traveling daguerreotypist in the 1850s.

A copy print of an advertisement for E. Anthony's Daguerrean Supply House - later E. & H. T. Anthony and Company - the largest photographic supply store in the country in the second half of the nineteenth century.

Anthony was born in New York…
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