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Two reproductions of photographs taken by Alexander Gardner of the Battle of Antietam at 'Bloody Lane,' or 'Sunken Lane.' Alexander Gardner took 70 photographs of the battlefield starting just two days after the battle. This was the first time an…

A replica in the style of the first daguerreotype camera with brass lens by Perken, Son & Rayment.

Photograph of reproduction of engraving based on photograph by Anthony Berger, taken February 9, 1864.

A carte-de-visite, or CDV, or an unidentified young girl taken at the studio of Philipp Graff (1814-1851) in Berlin. Graff was likely deceased at the time of this photograph, and it was probably taken by one of his predecessors August Beer or Leopold…

A camera obscura (latin for "dark room") with a vintage brass lens by Benjamin French - box is a handcrafted replica. Camera obscuras were long used by artists as drawing aids before the invention of photography in the mid-nineteenth…

An early method of projection, this magic lantern was produced by the optician Benjamin Pike Jr. of New York City in the first half of the nineteenth century.

Benjamin Pike, Jr. was born in New York City in 1809 and died near Astoria, Long Island…

An early twentieth century re-strike of a vue d'optique - 'Le Grand Lac de Barbarie.' Vue d’optiques, perspective prints, or ‘optical views’ were first introduced following the popularization of the Zograscope or ‘optical diagonal machine.’ These…

A copy print of an advertisement for E. Anthony's Daguerrean Supply House - later E. & H. T. Anthony and Company - the largest photographic supply store in the country in the second half of the nineteenth century.

Anthony was born in New York…

Copy print. Original printed by American Office Print, Waterbury, CT. E. S. Hayden was a traveling daguerreotypist in the 1850s.

Halftone reproduction of an early portrait of Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre, one of the inventors of the daguerreotype, by the famous photographer Félix Nadar.
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