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One in a series of portraits of Mettler taken during her time as a student at the Mary Wigman School in Dresden, Germany.

Barbara Mettler writes to her student Marilyn Leafdale on March 13, 1963 about the historical trajectory of her career and a dancer and creative dance innovator.

Bound scrapbook with handwritten letters, drawings, paintings, and collages given to Barbara Mettler by her summer 1969 students.

Essay by Barbara Mettler about music culture in Berlin written May 29, 1930 in Munich. Mettler claims that music is "as much a part of the German daily life as sausages and beer," and addresses both musical modernists and classicists.

Prototype letter from Barbara Mettler to unknown medical practitioners inviting patients to attend courses at the Tucson Creative Dance Center. Mettler highlights the health benefits of creative movement for students who are both "healthy and…

Studio sign from the Tucson Creative Dance Center. The sign instructs students to remove their shoes before stepping onto the dance floor.

The Tucson Creative Dance Center was built in 1963 as the permanent home for Mettler Studios. It was designed by John H. Howe of Frank Lloyd Wright’s group Taliesin West to meet the specific needs of the company, and Barbara Mettler's pedagogical…

Bound manuscript contains set number three of the architectural specifications for the Tucson Center for Creative Dance by Taliesin Associated Architects.

Brochure for the Tucson Center for Creative Dance. Includes nineteen black and white photographs of Barbara Mettler, her students, and the exterior of the Center.

Illustration-diagram by Barbara Mettler outlining the gestures involved in "the leap," what she believed to be a basic element of body movement and dance.
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