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An iron head brace used during the daguerrean period to stabilize the heads of portrait sitters and increase image clarity. The average exposure time for a daguerreotype was at least one minute, but sometimes ranged from three to fifteen minutes.

Daguerrean box camera with tab shutter. Replica made out of curly maple; without interior.

A replica of a half-plate daguerreotype box.

Handcrafted replica with original Daguerrean lens, half plate size.

A replica in the style of the first daguerreotype camera with brass lens by Perken, Son & Rayment.

1834 William Henry Fox Talbot’s Mousetrap Cameras made the first Photogenic drawings' on paper sensitized with silver chloride. They were simple wood box cameras with Brass barrel single lens referred to as mouse traps, coined by his wife.

A twentieth Century version of an eighteenth century primitive sketching devise.

A camera obscura (latin for "dark room") with a vintage brass lens by Benjamin French - box is a handcrafted replica. Camera obscuras were long used by artists as drawing aids before the invention of photography in the mid-nineteenth…
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